Liverpool Away Shirt 2017-18

Mohamed Salah Ghaly, born on 15 June 1992, is an Egyptian professional footballer and plays as a forward for the Premier League club Liverpool and the Egypt national team. On 22 June 2017, Salah transferred to Liverpool and signed a long-term contract with the club. He became the first Egyptian player in Liverpool. Salah scored his first goal for Liverpool on 12 August and scored again in a game against Hoffenheim. He helped Liverpool win 4-0 over Arsenal three days later. Therefore, Salah was named Premier League Player of the Month in November 2017, February 2018, and March 2018 due to his excellent performances. Besides, he was awarded Liverpool FC Fans Player of the Year and Liverpool FC Players’ Player of the Year in the 2017-18 season.

After returning to the Premier League, Salah not only breaks many records but also wins a few individual awards, which is enough to make Chelsea feel regretful. Salah also said:“I proved that they were wrong.”

When asked if he was proud of his accomplishments, Salah said:“To be honest, yes, because when I was in Chelsea four years ago, many people said that I could not be successful and I was not suitable for playing in the Premier League. They said that was too difficult for me. So from the day I left Chelsea I always wanted to prove that they were wrong, and now I did it.”

Since reaching Liverpool from Rome last summer, the 25-year-old player has totally scored 43 goals. The wonderful performance in the 2017-18 season attracts attention from Real Madrid. But at a party at Merseyside, Salah assured Liverpool fans that he would not leave Liverpool. The 2017-18 season is just his beginning at Anfield. He said:“I’m very happy here. Everything is fine. As you can see, we played well this season. Now we have reached the finals of the UEFA Champions League, everyone is excited. It’s just the beginning.”

When it came to Salah’s teammates in Liverpool, he said:“They are really excellent. They always want me to score goals. They are my mentors both on and off the court. I am really proud to be a member of the team and play with them.”

Liverpool Away Shirt 2017-18

Unveiled by New Balance and the club, the green and white away shirt fans are familiar with features the club crest on the left chest, flanked with the years 1892 and 2017, in celebration of its 125th anniversary. New Balance logo is printed on the right. The sponsor “Standard Chartered” is heat applied in the centre of the shirt. This brand new away shirt has a round collar in black. In addition, the back of this away shirt is white.

When players run on football fields, they do need a breathable and comfortable shirt. Designers of New Balance have tried their best to take advantage of the NBDry moisture wicking fabric in order to keep them cool and dry during 90 minutes.

If you like playing football outside, the shirt is also suitable for you. Do not miss it.

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