Manchester United Kit Full Sleeves

Manchester United jacket

Manufacturer Addidas and club Manchester United unveiled several Manchester United Kits & Manchester United jackets. No matter spectators and footballers could remain suitable and cool by donning the multi-functional Manchester United jacket.

Little rain would not ruin your fun of playing football when donning the manchester united windrunner jacket 2018-2019. Here are some highlights of the red and black jacket:


manchester united jacket black red front

Fixed hood

Full zip opening

Three signature white stripes along two sleeves

White logo Adidas

Manchester United emblem

High neck

100% water-repellent polyester

Elastic cuffs

Silk-screened words “Manchester United”

Machine washable

Breathable mesh insert

Draw cord at the end of the jacket

manchester united jacket
manchester united jacket back

The brand-new predominant black and red hooded jacket would be a must have for die-hard football fans or other sports enthusiasts. Considering capricious weather conditions and different needs in fall and winter, the manchester united jacket could protect yourselves from little rains, strong winds and intense ultraviolet lights.

Fixed hood is woven to the jacket, which adds modern touch to the whole design. Such design could keep you away from little rains and intense ultraviolet lights when you watch football matches on stands or in front of TVs. It looks cool enough to catch attentions among crowds. Taking black as a main colour, the whole jacket is printed with irregular silk-screened pattern — words “Manchester United”, showing homage to its history as much as possible.

Full zip is woven to the middle of the front, so that wearers could regulate body temperature according to specific weather conditions. Three signature stripes of Adidas in white are woven to two full sleeves, forming substantial differences with predominant black and white base colours. High-neck also contributes to its heat-preservation performance. Besides, draw cord at the end of the jacket allows wearers to preserve heat as much as possible when needed.

White logo Addidas and Manchester United’s emblem are embroidered to right chest and left chest respectively.  In order to improve comforts and products performances, breathable mesh insert are applied to the jacket, too. The whole back is printed with irregular pattern. Except for the above red and black jacket, there are also some similar jackets like following photos.

The blue jacket is one of the best-sellers. Although it is similar to above black jacket to a great extent, blue may be the most attractive colour for many football fans and sports enthusiasts. Similar to above jackets, the blue Manchester Jacket features a red-liner hood, which could be regulated according to specific needs. A substantial difference lies in shorter front and longer back. It is suitable for some sports.

manchester united jacket blue

In addition to high-quality, the online store also spares no efforts to cut unnecessary costs to lower prices of the jackets. All products will be despatched by our manufacturer directly to reduce transportation fees and storage fees. Except for above factors, scientific management and reasonable work flows are also critical in providing high-quality services. Please rest assured to place orders.

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