Manchester United Kit Full Sleeves

Manchester United jacket

Manufacturer Addidas and club Manchester United unveiled several Manchester United Kits & Manchester United jackets. No matter spectators and footballers could remain suitable and cool by donning the multi-functional Manchester United jacket.

Little rain would not ruin your fun of playing football when donning the manchester united windrunner jacket 2018-2019. Here are some highlights of the red and black jacket:


manchester united jacket black red front

Fixed hood

Full zip opening

Three signature white stripes along two sleeves

White logo Adidas

Manchester United emblem

High neck

100% water-repellent polyester

Elastic cuffs

Silk-screened words “Manchester United”

Machine washable

Breathable mesh insert

Draw cord at the end of the jacket

manchester united jacket
manchester united jacket back

The brand-new predominant black and red hooded jacket would be a must have for die-hard football fans or other sports enthusiasts. Considering capricious weather conditions and different needs in fall and winter, the manchester united jacket could protect yourselves from little rains, strong winds and intense ultraviolet lights.

Fixed hood is woven to the jacket, which adds modern touch to the whole design. Such design could keep you away from little rains and intense ultraviolet lights when you watch football matches on stands or in front of TVs. It looks cool enough to catch attentions among crowds. Taking black as a main colour, the whole jacket is printed with irregular silk-screened pattern — words “Manchester United”, showing homage to its history as much as possible.

Full zip is woven to the middle of the front, so that wearers could regulate body temperature according to specific weather conditions. Three signature stripes of Adidas in white are woven to two full sleeves, forming substantial differences with predominant black and white base colours. High-neck also contributes to its heat-preservation performance. Besides, draw cord at the end of the jacket allows wearers to preserve heat as much as possible when needed.

White logo Addidas and Manchester United’s emblem are embroidered to right chest and left chest respectively.  In order to improve comforts and products performances, breathable mesh insert are applied to the jacket, too. The whole back is printed with irregular pattern. Except for the above red and black jacket, there are also some similar jackets like following photos.

The blue jacket is one of the best-sellers. Although it is similar to above black jacket to a great extent, blue may be the most attractive colour for many football fans and sports enthusiasts. Similar to above jackets, the blue Manchester Jacket features a red-liner hood, which could be regulated according to specific needs. A substantial difference lies in shorter front and longer back. It is suitable for some sports.

manchester united jacket blue

In addition to high-quality, the online store also spares no efforts to cut unnecessary costs to lower prices of the jackets. All products will be despatched by our manufacturer directly to reduce transportation fees and storage fees. Except for above factors, scientific management and reasonable work flows are also critical in providing high-quality services. Please rest assured to place orders.

Environmental Tottenham Hotspur Third Football Shirt 18-19

Soccer features long history  and rich culture from its invention and publication. When one put on a new football jersey to attend a match, it will pose some pressure to environments to a certain extent. Have you ever thought how much it would affect our environment. In recent  years, more and more proprietary brands and sports brands have paid more attention on how to reduce side effects on environments.

So in the following paragraphs, I would like to take an in-depth look into their environmental philosophy and their actions. In addition, we will also assess, environmentally friendly measures to  make a difference, those strategies, innovative campaigns and designs. At first, let’s look at some negative impacts on environments.

Special Fabric — Polyester

When it comes to clothing made from polyester, those characteristics like the good breathability, easy washing method and easy preservation methods occur to most of the people. Such characteristics mean one do not need to pay much energy and money to keep clothes in good conditions. In spite of its positive effects on environment, polyester actually is made from wasted bottles for the purpose of reducing pressure on environments. And the 18-19 Tottenham Hotspur third football shirt is also made from polyester, which performs well in wicking perspiration and keeping body cool and dry.

All Thai version items from our selection are sourced and shipped from manufacturers directly, so many middlemen and middle links have been cut to reduce costs. In such case, products on the website are cheap and cheerful. Our products are popular amongst numerous customers for high qualities and low prices. Some main characteristics of the shirt include two-toned green base colors, subtract patterns, etc. In addition, there are also many other elements like the grey Nick Swoosh, emblem, sponsor logo in the center, grey tape on back collar.

The unique pattern on the front catches people’s attention, which also leaves the apparel an interesting one for 2018-19 season. The base features two part of shades at the front while oblique stripes are printed on chest in marble effect print. The shirt is finished in bright green on in the lower part. Two different toned green is separated from chest clearly. The sponsor’s logo “AIA” is printed in the centre. The symbolic Nick Swoosh and club emblem are printed and embroidered onto right chest and left chest respectively. In addition to above factors, raglan sleeves also allow footballers run in football pitches freely. At the same time, the special fabric polyester could keep wearers cool and dry, because excessive perspiration could be dried in a short time. Except a grey tape on back collar, the whole back is clear and simple without other details.  The obvious contrast of different toned greens also forms strong visual shock to all people. Please place your order quickly and get those cheap and cheerful products. Then one can show their support to the devoted football club by putting on same clothes simply, which are the best movements than a thousand words.


Leicester City Home Shirt 2017-18

Founded in 1884, Leicester City with a long history currently competes in Premier League. In the 2015-16 season, the entire football world was fascinated by “The Foxes”. This was a romantic football story. Leicester City, a small club that struggled to stay at the Premier League last season, inexorably won the first top league title in its 132-year history. There are certainly many successful football clubs competing in the Premier League, such as Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool. They are ten times larger than Leicester City in terms of scale. However, almost all neutral fans supported it and were happy with the incredible and romantic victory that seemed to interpret the significance of sports. In 2016, Leicester City was named the BBC Sports Personality Team of the Year, an award to the team that has achieved the most notable performance in the calendar year to date. Besides, in 2017, the club got the Laureus World Sports Award due to its outstanding achievements throughout the year.

The King Power Stadium has been the home stadium of Leicester City since 2002. Originally called “Walkers Bowl” and “Walkers Stadium”, it was changed to the current name after the naming rights were sold to King Power for the 2011-12 season. The all-seater stadium has a capacity of 32,312 spectators. In addition to major football games, the stadium also hosts rugby international matches and boxing events. Inside the stadium, suites and lounges are named after club legends. Fans are able to visit the stadium and you can also watch a game held here to cheer on your favorite Leicester City.

PUMA and the Premier League club Leicester City formally unveiled the team’s new home jersey for the 2017-18 season in May 2017. The team players would wear the new jersey and play the last Premier League game against Bournemouth.

In the new season, “The Foxes” would continue to wear a blue match jersey and compete at the King Power Stadium. Like the past a few seasons, the royal blue shirt features gold details, which looks so unique and stylish.

The Leicester City home shirt 2017-18 is adorned with the gold PUMA logo, the indispensable club crest and “KING POWER”, its sponsor, on the front. The design of Henry collar and the raglan sleeves make the shirt more elegant and exquisite. The dot patterns and PUMA logo in gold on both sleeves create a gorgeous appearance. In the manufacturing process, PUMA’s latest DryCELL technology is used to produce a breathable and lightweight shirt for players in order to help them perform well on football fields.

Wear the shirt and cheer on the team. We will provide you with the most breathable and durable football shirts. What’s more, all premier league kits 2018 19 are available at our online store. You can receive your order as soon as possible because of our fast shipment. As a loyal football fan, you will not miss them and we will give you the best service. Please place your order now.

Manchester United Home Goalkeeper Shirt 2017-18

Nike has provided Manchester United with the home, away and goalkeeper jerseys for the 2017-18 season. Players will perform well with the high-performance shirts.

The green home goalkeeper shirt 2017-18 also features a few indispensable elements, like home and away jerseys. Nike Swoosh is printed on the right chest for easy brand recognition; the club crest is on the left chest to show respect for this successful club; the sponsor’s name in white is shown in the centre of the shirt. There are some white strips on both sleeves, which provides a unique yet modern look. The long-sleeved shirt can make players warm and comfortable on the field. If you like it, why not get it at online stores? Other Premier League shirts are also available at our store.

Made by Nike Breathe Technology, the breathable fabric can draw sweat from skin and make players cool and dry. Besides, the 100% polyester material makes the goalkeeper shirt lighter. Therefore, players are able to run faster and perform better.

In fact, compared to last season, Manchester United has made notable progress in the 2017-18 season. Their points have increased by 12 points. However, Manchester City performs so well in the Premier League this season, so Manchester United can only fight for the runner-up.

For De Gea, who has played for Manchester United for seven years, he is sure to get the Premier League Golden Glove award in the 2017-18 season. Although the hardworking and excellent player has got the Manchester United Players’ Player of the Year award four times, it is the first time in his professional career to win this award! De Gea was still low-key and humble in an interview. He said:“This is my first gold glove, which means that the team has done a good job in defence. I am very happy for that. I think the 2017-2018 season is a very good season.”

In addition to the award, De Gea created a record. One of the best goalkeepers in the world, he has played 45 games this season and has prevented the opposing team from successfully moving the ball over the defended goal-line 22 times, breaking the record of Manchester United’s famous player Edwin van der Sar in the 08-09 season.

Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson(born on 31 December 1941) is a Scottish former football player and manager and he managed Manchester United from 1986 to 2013. Widely regarded as one of the greatest and most successful managers of all time, he is very well respected in the football world. Unfortunately, Sir Alex Ferguson underwent emergency surgery for a brain haemorrhage on 5 May 2018. Lots of football legends were worried about him. Ronaldo said on social media that “My thoughts and prayers are with you, my dear friend. Be strong, Boss!”

Bryan Robson, an English football manager and a former player, said that hopefully the boss should have a full recovery. According to the latest news form Manchester United, Sir Alex Ferguson no longer needs intensive care. His family have been overwhelmed by the level of support, but they request some privacy as Ferguson enters the next stage of his recovery.

Liverpool Away Shirt 2017-18

Mohamed Salah Ghaly, born on 15 June 1992, is an Egyptian professional footballer and plays as a forward for the Premier League club Liverpool and the Egypt national team. On 22 June 2017, Salah transferred to Liverpool and signed a long-term contract with the club. He became the first Egyptian player in Liverpool. Salah scored his first goal for Liverpool on 12 August and scored again in a game against Hoffenheim. He helped Liverpool win 4-0 over Arsenal three days later. Therefore, Salah was named Premier League Player of the Month in November 2017, February 2018, and March 2018 due to his excellent performances. Besides, he was awarded Liverpool FC Fans Player of the Year and Liverpool FC Players’ Player of the Year in the 2017-18 season.

After returning to the Premier League, Salah not only breaks many records but also wins a few individual awards, which is enough to make Chelsea feel regretful. Salah also said:“I proved that they were wrong.”

When asked if he was proud of his accomplishments, Salah said:“To be honest, yes, because when I was in Chelsea four years ago, many people said that I could not be successful and I was not suitable for playing in the Premier League. They said that was too difficult for me. So from the day I left Chelsea I always wanted to prove that they were wrong, and now I did it.”

Since reaching Liverpool from Rome last summer, the 25-year-old player has totally scored 43 goals. The wonderful performance in the 2017-18 season attracts attention from Real Madrid. But at a party at Merseyside, Salah assured Liverpool fans that he would not leave Liverpool. The 2017-18 season is just his beginning at Anfield. He said:“I’m very happy here. Everything is fine. As you can see, we played well this season. Now we have reached the finals of the UEFA Champions League, everyone is excited. It’s just the beginning.”

When it came to Salah’s teammates in Liverpool, he said:“They are really excellent. They always want me to score goals. They are my mentors both on and off the court. I am really proud to be a member of the team and play with them.”

Liverpool Away Shirt 2017-18

Unveiled by New Balance and the club, the green and white away shirt fans are familiar with features the club crest on the left chest, flanked with the years 1892 and 2017, in celebration of its 125th anniversary. New Balance logo is printed on the right. The sponsor “Standard Chartered” is heat applied in the centre of the shirt. This brand new away shirt has a round collar in black. In addition, the back of this away shirt is white.

When players run on football fields, they do need a breathable and comfortable shirt. Designers of New Balance have tried their best to take advantage of the NBDry moisture wicking fabric in order to keep them cool and dry during 90 minutes.

If you like playing football outside, the shirt is also suitable for you. Do not miss it.